LabCorp IS HelpDesk

For I.S. support, please call the Phoenix IS Help Desk at 800.788.9738 opt 1 ext 4060# or 602.454.8000 opt 1 ext 4060#.

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Contact Directory

General Service Assistance
Requisitions and Supplies:, FAX 602-454-8045, 602-454-8178
Client Printer Support;, 602-454-8000 ext. 4060
Connectivity (eLabCorp, eResults, etc.), 602-454-8000 ext. 4060

Specialized Service Contacts
Information Systems: Angie Nesbit,, 602-454-8072
Billing Manager: Kathy Young,, 602-454-8065
Warehouse Supervisor; Ron Smith,, 602-454-8092
Couriers and Distribution Manager: Alex Orellana,, 602-454-8092

Sales Field Contacts
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Administrative Contacts
Technical Director: Liz Beauford,, 602-454-8084
Medical Director: Dr. Frank Ryan,, 602-454-8053
Cytology Manager: Sheila Smith,, 602-454-8085
Microbiology Manager: Paul Patterson,, 602-454-8095

After Hours I.S. Support
(Internal Support) Angie Nesbit,, 602-206-2175